Thursday 14 May 2015

St. James Infirmary Blues w/ Eighth Blackbird

An arrangement of the folk song St. James Infirmary Blues performed at Curtis Institute of Music, March 2015.

Eighth Blackbird:
Michael J. Maccaferri, clarinet
Tim Munro, flute
Yvonne Lam, violin
Matthew Duvall, percussion
Lisa Kaplan, piano
Nicholas Photinos, cello

Much of the raw material for this arrangement was transcribed from the recording which appears on GIG 365 : MJWB. This arrangement for Eighth Blackbird would not have been possible without the following musicians who performed on that recording.
Ionita Manole: accordion
Cristinel Turturica: cimbalom
Mielu Bibescu: clarinet
Lucian Stoica: violin
Marius Gore: bass

St. James Infirmary Blues from GIG 365 : MJWB