Saturday 17 January 2009


I have fallen in love with Chamamé, an accordion based folk music from the Argentine Northeast. I am particularly fond of the style as played by Raul Barboza, the "ambassador of Chamamé"

I have recently been working on the soundtrack to Francis Ford Coppola's latest movie, Tetro. The film is set in Buenos Aires, and the chamamé style is explored in the score written by Osvaldo Golijov.

I traveled down to Buenos Aires for a couple days of manic recording with Osvaldo, Walter Murch and some incredible musicians: Octavio Brunetti, Bernardo Monk, Guillermo Vadalá, and Claudio Ragazzi.

The video is from a rehearsal and a late night walk around San Telmo.

The music is a chamamé inspired tune I composed entitled Ozzy.