Monday 13 February 2012

Strange Loops February 2012

Strange Looping evolved out of my GIG 365 project in 2011. I stole the name from Douglas Hofstadter's book "I Am a Strange Loop." In the book, Hofstadter states, "In the end, we are self-perceiving, self-inventing, locked-in mirages that are little miracles of self-reference."

Strange Loop music is created with a loop pedal. I use a Digitech Jamman Stereo. The music is composed, performed, recorded, and mixed live, in the moment. The loop is opened with a click of the pedal and a musical phrase is performed into it. The loop is then closed with another click of the pedal and the loop's length is set. An infinite number of successive musical phrases can be laid on top of the initial loop.

Strange Loops created during GIG 365 were done in front of an audience. I managed to save a few of them, and selected the best for the previous set "Strange Loops 2011"

This first set of 2012 is a bit different. I used the stereo looper, a mixing board, and a single microphone to record everything. I placed each phrase by selecting a stereo position before I laid down the phrase. (During GIG 365 I used two Sure SM58 microphones to capture everything. This is ideal, as the location of the phrase is captured in whatever position it is played in front of the microphones)

The instrumentation for this set:
Vocals, throat singing, snaps, hand claps, breathing
7 note kalimba
Lao khaen (or khene)
Bird calls from Fábrica de Pios Maurílio Coelho
Dizi chinese transverse flute
Large cane flute
Pandeirão de Mestre Lua Rasta
Cooperman frame drum
Remo Kanjira
Goat hooves shaker
12" Chau Gong
MJWB Shell shaker
MJWB Sea glass shaker
Small Indian Bells on string
MJWB Bell tree
MJWB Shell Stick
Antelope Shofar
Indian hand cymbals