Thursday, 4 October 2007

Some Music...

It has been my great fortune to work on a variety of musical projects with some incredibly talented musicians and producers over the past year or so. I have posted some work in various states of progress below.

Two demos featuring vocalist Bhavini Vyas, guitarist Peter Michaels (nylon and steel), and hyper-accordion. These are traditional classical Indian compositions, arranged in a unique setting.



Produced by Peter Michaels and Michael Ward-Bergeman

Two demos from the "Swimming Pool" project featuring John Ellis on guitar and Tansay Omar on drums/percussion. Both of these tracks were recorded live at Perry Vale Studios by Pat Collier.

Swimming Pool #5

Swimming Pool #2

Written by Ellis, Omar, Ward-Bergeman
Produced by John Ellis and Michael Ward-Bergeman

Two demos from Turkish singers Djanan Turan and Asli Keskin. These tracks feature the World Rhythm Poets sound of Tansay Omar (drums/percusion) and Michael Ward-Bergeman (accordion/keyboards)

words: Djanan Turan, music: Omar/Turan/Ward-Bergeman

Tango Bitti
words: Asli Keskin, music: Keskin/Omar/Ward-Bergeman

Produced by Tansay Omar

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